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Nika Asgari, Director, movie Editor, and Screenwriter


Do you want to be fed what they feed you?

Director Biography

Nika Asgari (august 29, 1989) is an Iranian Director, movie Editor, and Screenwriter. She has worked as a movie Editor since 2009. 

Her affection for Editing and Cinema made her work as a Film-Director during the time she was needed for projects.

The position of women in Society and education quality for children are her main Concerns.

Director Statement

They will sell you what benefits them.

News and advertisements on tv, brainwashing kids at school, poisoning society, They do what it takes to feed you as they want.

Don’t buy it; turn it off, think.

Still Photography

Cast & Credits

Written & Directed Produced by

Director Of Photography

First assistant director

Digital Intermediate Colorist


Set Designer

Sound Designer 

Visual Producer 


Nika Asgari

Mohammad HassanPour

MohammadHussein Sepanj

Saman Majd

Fateme Tavakoli

Zohre Moghimi

Neda Mohseni

Pejman IranNejad Moghadam


Negar Hassanzade

Hessam KhalilNezhad

Zohre Moghimi

Elnaz Sepanj

MohammadHussein Sepanj

Majid Farahani



Project Type



Completion Date

Production Budget

Country of Origin


Shooting Format

Aspect Ratio

Film Color

Experimental, Short

action, drama, Horror

2 minutes 20 seconds

May 1, 2021

300 USD

Iran, Islamic Republic of

Persian, Farsi