I am a visual artist specializing in lens-based work for cinema and television since 2006. To expand my storytelling abilities across various media and gain a deeper understanding of other crew roles, particularly the director of photography, I pursued additional fields. My journey into illustration, ceramics, pottery, and photography has enriched my skills in character design and visual storytelling.

Directing, Nika Asgari , Director, movie Editor, and Screenwriter

My deep passion for editing and cinema has driven me to take on directing responsibilities within projects over the years, providing valuable insights to enhance the overall project process. Noteworthy projects that I directed while also handling editing duties include “Tehrangard,” produced by Siavash Ebrahimzadeh, “Good Night Stories,” produced by Somayeh Abdullahzadeh, and “Delicious.”

Over the past years, I have played a pivotal role in advising numerous directors, offering my expertise from script development through casting and post-production. It became increasingly evident to me that my accumulated knowledge and experience had reached a point where I felt compelled to embark on my directorial journey, culminating in the creation of “Bounty.” This transition marks a significant chapter in my career, as I continue to channel my insights into shaping compelling narratives and contributing to the broader spectrum of the filmmaking process.

Subsequently, I made the conscious decision to delve more seriously into directing, culminating in the creation of my short film titled “Bounty.” Presently, I am fully engaged in the production of documentary and video art projects, further exploring my commitment to the cinematic craft.

Film Editing, Nika Asgari , Director, movie Editor, and Screenwriter

I embarked on my editing journey in 2010 with the series “It Might Happen to You,” where I started as the first assistant. Transitioning into more prominent roles, from 2013, I became involved in the series “The Old Road,” directed by Bahram Bahramian. Throughout these projects, I wore multiple hats as a Movie Editor, Assistant Editor, Film Key Code Reader, and Trailer Designer. Notable works in my repertoire include “I Want To” and “Tales of the Sea” directed by Bahman FarmanAra, “Sisters” directed by Marjan AshrafiZade, “Standing in the Dust” by Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian, and “Italy Italy” by Kave SabaghZade.

Venturing into solo editing, I marked a significant milestone with “A Requinto” (a silent pound) by Bahador Zamani. The extensive “TehranGard” series, spanning 180 episodes, saw my involvement as both a director and editor, collaborating with a diverse group of artists.

My contributions extended to projects such as “Goodnight Stories,” “The House Made of Candies,” “I’ve Got Your Back,” and “Delicious,” where I served as both editor and advisor. Additionally, I delved into the world of short films, editing titles like “Isan,” “Alpha,” “A Sweet Date,” “The Knot,” “Childhood,” “Piercing Scream,” and many others.

Beyond fictional narratives, I also freelanced on documentary projects and numerous announcements, adding further depth to my editing expertise.

I’m thrilled to share my journey as an amateur animator with you. As a passionate beginner, I’ve recently ventured into the captivating world of stop motion animation. Here, you’ll find a collection of my projects, experiments, and the delightful mishaps that come with learning something new. Join me as I explore the magic of bringing still images to life, one frame at a time. Whether you’re a fellow animation enthusiast or just curious about the process, I hope you enjoy watching my creations as much as I enjoy making them!

This project marks the culmination of my final project for the foundation semester in the BA Film and Motion Design program at UE Germany. Under the invaluable mentorship of Alessandro Maggioni, I had the pleasure of diving deep into the art of stop motion. Throughout this journey, I gained profound insights and honed my skills, transforming each frame into a labor of love and learning.

book critisim, Nika Asgari , Director, movie Editor, and Screenwriter

For me, the positioning of women in society and the education of children holds immense importance. My profound interest in reading children’s books is evident, to the extent that my critiques of two notable works have been published by the Iran Book News Agency – IBNA:

  1. Crenshaw” by Katherine Alice Applegate
  2. IF” by David J. Smith

Work Summary

I have participated in many projects during a decade of work, some of which are in the section below. If needed, you can download my full resume Here.

2015 - now

Working for Television

from 2015 since present-day, I have worked on projects on television as a Movie editor and director

2016 - now


Since 2016, I have worked as a movie editor’s assistant. after 2019 worked solo.

2014 - now

Short Films

Short films are the point of creativity for me. Here are some of the short films I have edited.

  • Dinner is ready By Shokoufe Jabbari
  • The knot By Sina Ganjavi
  • A sweet date By Mostafa Rostami
  • Aysan By Mehrshad Kheradmandi
  • Being seven years old By Sadra Amani
  • childhood By Zahra Heidari
  • Being dead By Mostafa Rostami
  • Alfa By Sahar Roostaei
  • A doll Behind Curtains By Negar HasanZade
  • listening By Zahra Mousavi
  • Purple Scream By Fatima AbaHamzeh
  • form By Saeid Ghasemi
  • Sins of the fathers By Saeid Ghasemi
  • Bounty By Nika Asgari