Feature Film
Short Film
Piercing CryShort film, Directed by Fatima Abahamzeh, Editor Nika Asgari
Piercing Cry
 Directed by Fatima Abahamzeh
Editor Nika Asgari
Cattish Short film, Directed by Negar HasanZadeh, Set Designer Nika Asgari,
Directed by Negar HasanZadeh
Set Designer Nika Asgari
Marge Momtad Short film, Directed by Mostafa Rostami, Editor Nika Asgari
continuous death
Directed by Mostafa Rostami
First Assistant Director Nika Asgari
Seven years of age, Nika Asgari, Sadra Amani
Seven years of age
Directed by Sadra Amani
Film Editor Nika Asgari
Tv Series
Good night Stories, Editor Nika Asgari
Good night Stories
Editor Nika Asgari
House Of Candies, Editor Nika Asgari
House Of Candies
Editor Nika Asgari
  • Director, Writer, distributor
    I met Nika Asgari for designing and editing the trailer for my first short film “Form” and since then I knew that I want her as my life Film Editor and Directing Counsellor for all of my projects to come. Besides having an expert level of skills in editing, Director Vision and Understanding the intentions of The Director, suggesting new angles and establishing proper rhythm and transition, most of the time the process of an art creation like Film Editing is a collaboration between Director and Editor, Nika establishes this connection in a best way possible. I can trust her to do different things to solve problems in unique ways, and I can believe that she wouldn’t rest until we get the best result possible. She does not perceive project as just “Projects”, she doesn’t finish the work, just to be finished and be done with it, she owns the production and she cares for it like her own.
    Saeid Ghasemi
    Director, Writer, distributor
  • Production Manager, Collodion Studio Founder, Photographer, University Lecturer
    I was just starting a media company called Zima when I met Nika. Because of her exceptional storytelling abilities, she was the one who gave our brand its conceptual and aesthetic characteristics. After that, I kept in mind to call her whenever I had a new idea. When it comes to completing ideas, I believe she is the best.
    Tahmine Godazgar
    Production Manager, Collodion Studio Founder, Photographer, University Lecturer
  • Hossein Zolghadr
    Working with Nika Asgari has always been an exciting experience for me. I believe creativity and commitment are the characteristics that always encouraged me to make her one of my first contacts for choosing an editor. Although many times because she was involved in other projects, he gave a negative answer; but if she acceptes to work on the project, the project is going to be delivered on time. I Remember we were on a Forsy project in a team effort, in a three-day action, in the best quality and shortest time. And if Nika Asgari is in the project, I have no worries.
    Hossein Zolghadr
  • Director, Writer, Producer
    I, Mehrshad Khordmandi, the director of Aysan's short film, collaborated with Nika on the same project. During this project, Nika did my editing work in the best possible way with all the energy she had to endure. Undoubtedly, my cooperation with Nika will continue.
    Mehrshad Kheradmandi
    Director, Writer, Producer
  • director, cinematographer, and editor, dw
    I am Ali Ishtiaq, director, cinematographer, and editor, currently working in DW News. I, at this moment, confirm that Ms. Nika Asgari was the editor between 2009 and 2010 in Three industrial documentary projects, two documentaries in Asaluye, and a documentary made in Kurdistan on the topics of oil and Marble stone mining have cooperated with me, and I was completely satisfied with their work, ethics, and expertise.
    Ali Ishtiaq
    director, cinematographer, editor
  • mahshid Gholamzade, Screen Player, Screen Writer
    I, Mahshid Gholamzadeh, am a writer in the field of screenplays, and I work as a freelancer. In the past year, I was honored to work with Nika. We had written a few short movies before; this time, Nika asked me to write two teasers for IRIB. I eagerly accepted, and our first collaboration began. Until then, I knew Nika as a professional editor. But while writing, Nika's creative, innovative mind proved that in addition to being a good editor, she is also a good writer and director. Working with Nika was very enjoyable, and it made my mind more active to leave the boundaries and cross them and let our minds fly. We sometimes look at each other and say, I wish such a circumstance would never happen. I hope the situation will go so I can work with this funny, kind, and caring girl again.
    Mahshid GholamZade
    Screenplay Writer
  • Kinia Saadat, Producer, Coordinator
    Our first meeting goes back to about 7 years ago. Nika joined our group and I was its associate producer and coordinator. It was a series of documentaries about Tehran city, named "Tehrangard", which was broadcasted on different channels of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Broadcast (IRIB). As a coordinator, I was really delighted to have her on our team, because she was responsible for her position and delivered projects on time with the best results. Besides, Nika was truly diligent and creative. I remember that she directed some episodes of documentaries and the result was extraordinary in comparison with the other directors. In addition, she works great as a member in teamwork projects and after that project, we do not lose contact. In fact, she is one of my best friends.
    Kimia Saadat
    producer, coordinator
  • Mitra Samavaki, Phorographer
    This is Mitra, and I am pursuing my Master's at the University of Calgary. I had the privilege to work with Nika Asgari on one of my university projects. It is a short video about my experience traveling between time and memory. She is undoubtedly so expert in her profession, film editing, and I am glad to know her. I only told her a rough idea about my project, but she developed it professionally, and I was really impressed by the result. She has unique ideas, and she knows what she is doing.
    Mitra Samavaki
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